Below is a preliminary list of books. Have any to add? let me know via ann [at] designactivism [dot] net. I should mention that this list purposefully does not include books on sustainable design. Selfishly I’ve left those off because I’m more familiar with them. More later…

cover-designactivism.jpg  Fuad-Luke, Alastair. 2009. Design Activism: Beautiful Strangeness for a Sustainable World. London: Earthscan.

Bell, Bryan. 2004. Good deeds, good design : community service through architecture. 1st ed. New York: Princeton Architectural Press.

Charlesworth, Esther Ruth. 2006. Architects without Frontiers : War, Reconstruction and Design Responsibility. Amsterdam ; Boston: Architectural Press.

Dovey, Kim. 1999. Framing Places: Mediating Power in Built Form. Edited by T. A. Markus and A. D. King, The Architext Series. London: Routledge.

Lasn, Kalle. 2006. Design Anarchy. Vancouver, B.C.: Adbusters Media Foundation.

Leach, Neil. 1999. Architecture and Revolution: Contemporary Perspectives on Central and Eastern Europe. London ; New York: Routledge.

Papanek, Victor J. 1982. Design for the Real World : Human Ecology and Social Change. Frogmore, [Eng.]: Paladin.

Rothschild, Joan, and Alethea Cheng. 1999. Design and feminism : re-visioning spaces, places, and everyday things. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press.

Sinclair, Cameron, Kate Stohr, and Architecture for Humanity (Organization). 2006. Design like you give a damn : architectural responses to humanitarian crises. London: Thames & Hudson.

Smith, Cynthia E., and Cooper-Hewitt Museum. 2007. Design for the other 90%. 1st ed. New York: Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Smithsonian Organization.

Whiteley, Nigel. 1993. Design for society. London and Seattle, Wash.: Reaktion Books.