teaching sustainable design

Greetings for 2009,

For those of you engaged in teaching various aspects of sustainable design, I want to let you to know about a new discussion list I’ve set up, SUSDESIGNTEACH (very elegant name, I know).

The list is open to anyone who is interested in discussing the challenges of teaching sustainable design. You can sign up to the discussion list here:

For a slightly longer introduction to the list, see my short article here:

In addition, I’ve issued an update to the Teaching Guide for my book, The Designer’s Atlas of Sustainability, with 9 new briefs and exercises covering the following topics: chemicals, climate change, holistic health, small changes, deep ecology, shrinkage (versus growth), sustainable consumption, time (long termism), and aging.

As with the full Teaching Guide, many of the briefs and exercises in the addendum are supported by a range of case studies, most of which are available online.  More information and free download here:

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