Split personality: news from the Simplicity Institute

We’ve all faced the dilemma of trying to improve what we do, while being trapped inside infrastructure that makes doing the right thing really difficult. A small example–the cafe gives me a disposable cup, even if I’m not getting my coffee to go.

Like many of us struggling with this dilemma, the Simplicity Institute showed its split personality today by sending me news of two reports (links to PDFs):

Can a Collapse of Civilization be Avoided? (Simplicity Institute Report, 13a, 2013)? Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich

Your Delightful Day: The Benefits of Life in The Simpler Way (Simplicity Institute Report, 13b, 2013)? Ted Trainer

So can we all have a delightful day while fending off the collapse of civilization? I guess more of us are beginning to realize…we have to! It may be the only way to avoid, or at least lessen, burnout that comes from struggle.

Even if we are designers in the business of presenting positive alternatives, you have to admit, there’s always struggle and usually against a really big system. Keeping it delightful is perhaps half our battle.

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