short articles about design, activism, & consumerism

Some of you might be aware that I went on a virtual book tour in the autumn and posted a number of short articles on host websites. I had some terrific hosts and the articles are still there–thought some of these might be handy for teaching or a quick look at some of the issues:
Book excerpt “Design for Shared Consumption
and book excerpt “Postgrowth Design: the shift to maintenance and adaptation
Book excerpt “Mobilization: A Design Activist Method
Two original article based on the book: “Five Ways Consumerism Shapes Design” and “Design and Politics: The uneasy relationship between politics and architecture & design
Architecture & Design versus Consumerism: Four ways that designers are confronting consumerism” an article based on the book (Postgrowth Institute)
Book excerpt “Slowing the Pace of Consumerism, by Design (American Society of Landscape Architects)
Original article “Landscape architecture versus consumerism
Interview with the author

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