A new beginning for the DesignActivism blog

Hey my new book is out in the UK now and coming out in the US in September! For the occasion I’ve converted this DesignActivism.net blog into a blog on Design, Consumerism and Activism. Both designactivism.net and designvsconsumerism.net point here.

I plan to cover the same range of issues here as I’ve been looking at for the past four years, but to add more explicit discussions of consumerism, consumption and growth as a “meta” issue in which activists work.

I’m excited to be promoting reading groups for the new book and it would be great to have reading group discussions spill over onto this blog. See “JOIN IN” for reading group special offers and the option of using meetup.com.

I’m also offering public speaking and workshops on the topics of the book, (check out VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON services) so please get in touch (ann at designactivism.net). I’ll be doing a virtual book tour in the autumn. Let me know if you have a “virtual venue” that could use some content– or maybe I’ll be contacting you…

I’m curious about how heated peoples’ reactions might be to the book’s topic and approach. I’m bracing for impact, and look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, I’m also taking this opportunity to canvass interest in potentially forming a new group of design professionals who promote design’s role in social and political terms, see “JOIN IN” and sign up if you haven’t already.



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